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A boy sleeps amid the rubble of his destroyed house in Gaza Strip on Sept. 1, 2014. [Ahmed Hjazy/Pacific Press/Barcoft Media]
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“Your Lord has not forsaken you nor is He displeased”

In the early part of the seerah (biography of the Prophet ﷺ), after the Messenger ﷺ received the first revelation, there was a period in which revelation completely ceased for a period of time. This time was difficult for the Messenger ﷺ as he was afraid that since nothing further had come down, Allah (swt) might be displeased with him ﷺ. This led him to worry for a period of time.

To console His Messenger ﷺ, Allah (swt) sent down Surah Duha and through it, He consoled the heart of the Messenger ﷺ. Out of the entire surah, the ayah that strikes the heart is the subtlety of the third one when Allah (swt) says, “Your Lord has not forsaken you nor is He displeased.” [Qur’an 93:3]. Allah (swt) here is informing His Messenger ﷺ to not worry because Allah (swt) has not forsaken him and that He has not left him alone. If we reflect on the second part of the ayah, Allah (swt) says, “nor is He displeased.” The obvious question would be, displeased with whom or displeased with what? The ‘who’ or ‘what’ has been left out and the scholars of tafseer give us the reason for it. The surah itself in its entirety is addressed to the Messenger ﷺ – yet in this particular part of the Surah, where Allah mentions His Displeasure, He (swt) leaves out addressing the Messenger ﷺ directly. This is out of respect and honor towards the Messenger ﷺ because Allah (swt) does not even want to mention the Messenger ﷺ close to mentioning His displeasure. So He simply says, “nor is He displeased” and leaves it at that because out of His immense love for the Messenger ﷺ, it is inconceivable that Allah (swt) will be anything but pleased with him ﷺ.

There are many, many other instances in the Qur’an where this love and respect to the Messenger ﷺ is shown and each is a lesson on its own. Allah (swt) has a truly special way of addressing His beloved Messenger in the Qur’an. What we should try to take away from this is implementing the adab and respect in our own lives towards the Messenger ﷺ whenever we speak about him ﷺ, mention his seerah, or quote ahadeeth. This is what we have from him ﷺ today and it is equivalent in the level of adab and respect it requires. Sometimes we might get carried away and start quoting hadeeth to each other back and forth to prove a certain point or refute someone – but when was the last time that we thought about the mannerism we are employing when quoting the statements of the Messenger ﷺ? If Allah (swt) Himself addresses His Messenger ﷺ with such respect, it is only imperative after all that we too show the same level of respect and honor when we mention him ﷺ.

Don’t forget your salawat today. Keep repeating it.
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…untuk kau lebih memahami kebesaran ciptaanNya dan merasai betapa kau TIDAK mempunyai apa apa.

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